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Summer 2019            VOCES, National Hispanic Cultural Center, ABQ., NM   Teaching Artist

                                           Designed and taught performance workshops for youth participants of this acclaimed

                                           writing intensive.

Spring 2019                MARFA LIVE ARTS, Marfa TX                                         Teaching Artist in Residence

                                            Facilitated the 8th annual High School Playwriting Workshop in partnership with Marfa Public                                                    Schools.

2015 > Present           ARTFUL LIFE Inc., ABQ, NM                                          Project Manager, EL PUENTE BARELAS

                                            Creative community engagement in the historic Barelas neighborhood.



Fall 2017                     DEPARTMENT of THEATRE AND DANCE, UNM        Instructor, Playwriting I (THEA 355)








Fall 2016                     DEPARTMENT of THEATRE AND DANCE, UNM        Instructor, Stretch and Strength (DANC 204)

                                           Developed and taught course based on the principles and applications of “The Pilates Method” as                                             developed by Joseph Pilates.                                                 



2013                             WORKING CLASSROOM, ABQ, NM                           Artistic Director








2014                            LITTLEGLOBE, ABQ, NM                                              Teaching Artist, "Stories of Route 66"









2014                            SOUTH VALLEY CHARTER ACADEMY, ABQ, NM      Substitute Teacher                       







2011                             VOCES, National Hispanic Cultural Center, ABQ., NM            Teaching Artist

                                           Designed and taught performance workshops for youth participants of this acclaimed

                                           writing intensive.                                                



2008                             WILLARD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Rosemead, CA                  Teaching Artist

                                           Developed and implemented lessons in theatre fundamentals for grades K-5.



2006                             WOMEN and CREATIVITY, NHCC, ABQ, NM                            Teaching Artist

                                           Co-facilitated poetry/performance workshop for adults.



2005                             VOICES UNHEARD, LA, CA                                                         Teaching Artist

                                     Greenway Arts Alliance/Fairfax High School             

                                           Led six-week program promoting literacy through Theatre Arts for 9th and 10th grade

                                           English classes. 



2003                             VIRGINIA AVENUE PROJECT, Ojai, CA                                       Mentor/Actor/Director

                                           This one-on-one program pairs adult professional actors and playwrights with young                                                                     partners for a week of intensive rehearsal and training towards production of original one-act                                                       plays. 



2003                             CALIFORNIA YOUTH THEATRE, LA, CA                                     Outreach Facilitator







1998                             BRAVA for Women in the Arts, SF, CA                                         Teaching Artist






1998                             BRAVA for Women in the Arts, SF,                                                Community Outreach & Research







1997                             SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE, SF, CA                                  Teaching Artist

                                           Co-developed and co-taught a writing and theatre workshop for Inner City Youth culminating in                                                   an original production.



1994                             RED LADDER COMPANY, San Jose Rep, San Jose, CA             Teaching Artist

                                           Co-taught nine-week intensive theatre outreach program for youth ages 9-11.



1993                             ASIAN AMERICAN THEATRE CENTER, SF, CA                           Artist in Residence

                                           Developed and taught beginning acting workshop for adults. 



1988-90                        WORKING CLASSROOM INC., ABQ, NM                                   Founding Theatre Director

                                           Developed original theatre performances and provided bilingual theatre training for a                                            multi-ethnic, multi-generational community in Albuquerque's South Broadway


  • Developed syllabus.

  • Shared of dramatic writing techniques focusing on process: imagination, intentional use of language and imagery, accessing the unconscious, analysis and revision.

  • Led survey examining current culture and trends in the American theatre.

  • Coordinated, developed and managed on-site theatre training, and recruitment.

  • Managed guest artists.

  • Production manager.

  • Director and devisor of theatre productions.

  • Marketing and fundraising.

  • As part of an interdisciplinary artistic team, I coordinated, managed, taught and assessed art activities for multi-generational, multilingual participants from Albuquerque's International District; including refugees and immigrants from Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Nepal and Mexico.

  • Facilitated, recorded and edited over 30 oral histories. 

  • Devised, directed and produced multi-media live performance.

  • Developed and taught 5-week curriculum for 6th grade drama: fundamentals of theatre, play analysis, scene study, improvisation, writing and movement exercises.  

  • Supervised independent reading.

  • Mentoring.

  • Facilitator of live performance component of the LA County, Office of Education's outreach Migrant Youth Theatre Program. 

  • Booked and coordinated artist to perform for and engage with program participants

  • Developed and conducted pre-performance lessons and led post-performance discussions for high school aged participants.

  • Designed and taught summer workshop for youth of San Francisco’s Mission District culminating in the original production, Mission Possible.

  • Coordinated and facilitated artistic team progress and production meetings.

  • Community outreach to residents of San Francisco's culturally diverse Mission District.

  • Recruited participants and coordinated interviews for development of

       MISSION MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR, by the performance ensemble Culture Clash.



THE GLORIAS: A LIFE ON THE ROAD          Supporting                 June Productions

POZOLE                                                            Lead                            Viscera

WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT                         Co-Star                       Paramount

FRONTERA                                                       Co-Star                       Frontera

PROSPECT                                                        Lead                           Perros Diabolicos

ST. SIMON                                                        Lead                            Girls Are Bigger Than Boys

LOLA'S LOVE SHACK                                      Co-Star                       Migrant Filmworks

THE BURNING                                                 Lead                            Rival

FUTBAAL:  THE PRICE OF DREAMS              Co-Star                      Traveling Films

LA PASTORELA                                                Co-Star                       PBS Playhouse





HOUSE OF CARDS                                          Recurring                   NETFLIX

THE NIGHT SHIFT                                            Co-Star                      NBC

DEXTER                                                             Recurring                   SHOWTIME

NAKED FEARS                                                 Recurring                   WEB SERIES

DARK BLUE                                                       Co-Star                      TNT

THE CLOSER                                                    Co-Star                       TNT

GREY'S ANATOMY                                          Co-Star                       ABC

WINDFALL                                                        Co-Star                       NBC

FAMILY LAW                                                     Co-Star                       CBS

NASH BRIDGES                                               Co-Star                       CBS






OEDIPUS EL REY                                             SAN DIEGO REPERTORY                                Sam Woodhouse

26 MILES                                                          CAMINO REAL PRODUCTIONS                     Valli Rivera

SCAR TISSUE                                                   COMPANY OF ANGELS                                  Nathan Singh

THE ROSALILA                                                EAST L.A. REP                                                   Luis Alfaro

CHASING MONSTERS                                   COMPANY OF ANGELS                                  Armando Molina          

MELANCHOLIA                                               LATINO THEATRE CO.                                    Jose Luis Valenzuela

CONJUNTO                                                    PLAYWRIGHTS ARENA                                    Jon Lawrence Rivera

LOS MUERTOS                                                ELEPHANT THEATRE                                      David Fofi

EARTHQUAKE SUN                                        SAN DIEGO REPERTORY                                Luis Valdez

FROM THE CHRONICLES OF ODISIA SANCHEZ                                                                  Rubén Gonzales 

MISS LEBRON & HER ESCORTS                   STRASBERG CTR/MARK TAPER                     Diane Rodriguez

MARY SHELLY'S SANTA CLAUS                    CORNERSTONE                                               Mark Valdez

CALIFORNIA SCENARIOS                             SOUTH COAST REPERTORY                          Juliette Carrillo

THE LOWER DEPTHS                                     DAEDELUS  PRODUCTIONS                          Dennis Moyer

EL OTRO                                                          THICK DESCRIPTION                                      Tony Kelly

INDEPENDENT FEMALE                               SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE                  Dan Chumley

HURRICANE                                                    CAMPO SANTO                                               Delia MacDougal

MARISOL                                                         EUREKA THEATRE CO.                                    Ken Watt

PROSPECT                                                       MAGIC THEATRE                                             Octavio Solis

EL PASO BLUE                                                 INTERSECTION FOR THE ARTS                     Octavio Solis

ETTA JENKS                                                    SIGNAL THEATRE CO.                                     Val Hendrickson

THE RUBBERBAND                                        WORKING CLASSROOM INC.                        Moises Kaufman

SANTOS & SANTOS                                       THICK DESCRIPTION                                      Tony Kelly

TROJAN WOMEN                                          ASIAN AMERICAN THEATRE CENTER          Dennis Lowry

LA DAMA DUENDE                                        LA COMPANIA                                                 Rene Buch




TRAINING:    Tim Phillips ~John Swanbeck~ Scott Sedita  CAMERA       Natsuko Ohama:  LINKLETTER    

                       Ken Watt:  VIEWPOINTS      Debby Jay:  ALEXANDER  TECHNIQUE        Lou Criss:  SCENE STUDY 

                       Dan Chumley: COMEDIA DELL ARTE    James Donlon:  STAGE COMBAT/MOVEMENT     

                       Eva Encinias ~ Mercedes Molina: FLAMENCO         Joe Vincent ~ Dick Butterfield:  SHAKESPEARE

                       Agusto Boal:  'THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED'   Micha Espinosa: FRITZMAURICE





Spanish;  Certified Pilates Instructor;   Painting;  Astrology; Salsa/Cuban Son;   Flute;  Reiki;  MFA Dramatic Writing


Select Productions


            LOS DREAMERS

                        2018     University of New Mexico-Thesis                                  ABQ, NM


            NO SWAMP LIKE HOME

                        2015     Working Classroom                                                        ABQ, NM

                        1999    Working Classroom (commissioned premiere)             ABQ, NM



                        2015     Radio adaptation, Camino Real Productions               PRX RADIO

                        2006     Inside the Ford                                                               Los Angeles, CA

                        2005     Journal Center, National Hispanic Cultural Ctr.           ABQ, NM

                        2004     Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival                        Los Angeles, CA

                        2003     Teada Solo Festival (commissioned)                             Santa Monica, CA


            PRIVATE PRIVATES & Yertle the Turtle and Other Despots

                        2005     Highways Performance Space                                       Santa Monica, CA


            LAST STOP RANCHERA (co-writer with The Latina Theatre Lab)

                        2000     Yerba Buena Center                                                       San Francisco, CA


            WE ARE GAME

                        1991     El Teatro Campesino                                                      San Juan Bautista, CA



                        1987     La Compañía de Alburqueque                                      ABQ, NM



Select Readings / Development


                        2019      National Hispanic Cultural Center                              ABQ, NM


           LOS DREAMERS               

                        2017     Inaugural INGENIO Milagro Play Festival                    Portland, OR

                        2016     Linnell Festival of New Works, UNM                             ABQ, NM


            RUBI X: #Her Too

                        2017     Latinx Selectee

                                      “Black and Latino Playwrights Festival”                      San Marcos, TX  

                        2017     Kennedy Ctr. American College Theatre Festival        San Angelo, TX

                        2016     Linnell Festival of New Works, UNM                             ABQ, NM


            CROSSTOWN 88

                        2016     Linnell Festival of New Works, UNM                             ABQ, NM


  Education and Masterclasses in Playwriting

                        2018                 Migdalia Cruz                                                     Fornes Workshop –Chicago,Ill.

                        2018                 MFA in Dramatic Writing                                   University of New Mexico

                        2017                 Erik Ehn                                                               Hillsboro, NM

                        2006                 Ricardo Bracho                                                   Casa 0101 – Los Angeles, CA

                        1998                 Octavio Solís                                                       Intersection for the Arts, SF, CA


 Publications and Awards

            2019     GO, GO GENTLE O'Neil Playwrights' Conference                             Semi-Finalist

           2018     DeCure, Cynthia and Espinosa, Micha. Scenes for Latinx Actors: Voices of the New American Theatre.                                            Smith and Kraus.

            2018     LOS DREAMERS Bay Area Playwrights Festival                                  Semi-Finalist

            2018     LOS DREAMERS The Rosa Parks Playwriting Award                           Distinguished Achievement

            2018     LOS DREAMERS The Kennedy Center Latinx Playwriting Award      Distinguished Achievement

            2017     THE GENTRY: Ten Minutes for Alex Nieto

                        Label Me Latina/o. N.p., n.d. Web. SPRING 2017 VOL. VII

            2017     RUBI X                  Leah Ryan Emerging Women Writers                     Finalist

            2016     THE CAPTIVE      Bay Area Playwrights Festival                                  Semi-Finalist


            2017     RISE: An Offering                                                           

                                    Devised with Las Hembras de Pluma at National Hispanic Cultural Center, (ABQ, NM)


            2015     STORIES OF ROUTE 66                                                               

                                    Veterans’ Memorial Park, Littleglobe, (ABQ, NM)


            2014     CARNAVAL: Streets of Love                                                          

                                    NHCC, (ABQ, NM)


            2013     DREAMLANDIA                                                                         

                                    Working Classroom, (ABQ, NM)


            2013    ROUNDHOUSE COMEDY REVIEW                                                       

                                    Working Classroom, (Santa Fe, NM)


            2004     ALL ABOARD                                                                            

                                    Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA)


            1999     NO SWAMP LIKE HOME                                          

                                    Working Classroom Inc. (ABQ, NM)


            WHERE I STAND - Documentary Film                           Associate Producer

            MAS & MORE ENTERTAINMENT                                  Script Translation

            SPARKHILL PRODUCTIONS                                           Researcher

            JOJAZZ - Documentary                                                  Translator/Transcriber

            TAXI - Feature Film                                                          Assistant Location Manager

            CONFIDENCE -Feature Film                                          Production Assist., Art Department

            LA PASTORELA (PBS Great Performances) Film           Production Assist., Office and Art Department

            EDDIE SAETA-Commercial                                             Interpreter 

            SO I MARRIED AN AXE MURDERER - Feature             Casting Assistant

            DOING IT -Television Pilot                                              Casting Assistant

            MAKING TUTTI - Documentary                                      Production Assist., Art Department 


       MFA in Dramatic Writing (with Distinction)                   University of New Mexico, ABQ, NM           2018 

       Bachelor of University Studies,                                       University of New Mexico, ABQ, NM           1987

       Internship                                                                         El Teatro Campesino, San Juan Bautista, CA    1990





        GRADUATE STUDIES EXCELLENCE Assistantship - Fine Arts (Theatre & Dance)  2018

        GRADUATE ASSISTANTSHIPS, Department of Theatre and Dance, UNM  2015 – 2016; 2017

        Recipient HISPANIC WOMEN’S COUNCIL Scholarship   2015 – 2016; 2016 – 2017; 2017 - 2018

        SUMA ACADEMIA SCHOLARSHIP –  2016-2017






  • Bilingual English/Spanish

  • Member of SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/Amer. Federation of Television & Radio Artists) since 1996

  • Member of AEA (Actors’ Equity Association) since 1992

  • Certified Pilates Instructor, (2012 Whole Body Method, LA, CA)

  • Social partner dancing, Afro-Cuban dance and Flamenco

  • Certificate of Completion – Carpentry Program (1981 CNM ABQ, NM)

  • Drawing and Painting




  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • Nicaragua

  • Colombia

  • Cuba

  • Spain

  • Scotland

  • France

  • Morocco

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