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                        RISE: An Offering                                                                      

                                   Hembras de Pluma at National Hispanic Cultural Center, (ABQ, NM)


                        STORIES OF ROUTE 66                                                            

                                   Veterans’ Memorial Park, Littleglobe, (ABQ, NM)


                        CARNAVAL: Streets of Love                                                       

                                    NHCC, (ABQ, NM)



                                    Working Classroom, (ABQ, NM)


                        ROUNDHOUSE COMEDY REVIEW                                                       

                                    Working Classroom, (Desert Inn, Santa Fe, NM)


                        ALL ABOARD                                                                          

                                    Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA)


                        NO SWAMP LIKE HOME                                                           

                                    Working Classroom Inc. (ABQ, NM)

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